Fall 2011 Vendor Feature: MRS. JONES’ SOAPBOX

Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox
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Why take the awful chore of cleaning and make it worse by using smelly, ugly and toxic products? There’s a better way! Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox is a line of safe, natural cleaning products made from vegetable-based soaps, minerals and pure essential oils. They not only work well but smell wonderful and they’re pretty enough to leave out on your counter. Plus they won’t leave you with dry hands, itchy eyes or any of the other nasty side effects you get from traditional products. To help cut down on unnecessary waste, these products are designed to be refilled once they’re empty. Keep your bottle or jar and purchase a refill for just half the price. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even look forward to cleaning now!

Get To Know Jamie of Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox

Besides crafting, what other things do you like to do? I love to ride bikes on the West Orange Trail with my husband, take my dogs for long walks, read, hang out with friends and search for great restaurants around town.

What is one of your favorite quotes, song lyrics or Bible verses? Bring sunlight to others and you will be warmed.

What are you most looking forward to about this fall’s Homespun Chic Marketplace? Seeing my regular customers and hopefully meeting new ones! I feel like the more people I can convert to natural cleaners, the healthier we all are. It’s better for people, better for the animals and certainly better for the environment. So I really feel like events like this help me to talk about my mission and do more good and at the end of the day, that’s worth its weight in gold!

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be? Sing and play the piano!


Visit Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox and see what you have to look forward to at the Fall Homespun Chic Marketplace on Sunday, October 9.


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