Happy Handmade (by Jess)

Happy Handmade (by Jess) is the home of “unbelievadorable” crocheted creatures, or amigurumi. I have made over a hundred different amigurumi while running my Etsy shop and crafting blog, www.happy-handmade.com.  I love to watch lovable, squishy, adorable animals develop from a ball of yarn. I love that no matter how hard I try to make two identical creatures, somehow each one has its own personality. And I love finding fun ways to photograph them as much as I love making them! I hope my Happy Handmade creations make other people as happy a I feel having made them.

Get To Know Jess of Happy Handmade (by Jess)

What’s the #1 played song on your iPod? The Story by Brandi Carlisle

What’s your favorite crafting snack? It’s tricky to snack while crafting! No salty or sticky fingers on my yarn! Sometimes I do have to take little snack breaks…especially if there are salt and vinegar kettle chips nearby.

What’s your favorite Central Florida attraction/landmark/sight? I love some of the lakeside parks, especially Lake Eola and Lake Lily on a beautiful day. I’m also a sucker for a trip to Disney World – my other passion besides crafting. 

What’s your favorite Central Florida Food Truck? I love them all, but my favorite might have to be Big Wheel Provisions with The Batter Bowl Truck a close second. I had one of the best breakfasts of my life from the Big Wheel Truck!

If you had to only work on one project for the next year, what would it be? I would love to have the time to crochet a huge landscape scene complete with smiling trees, puffy clouds, flying birds and balloons, and picnicking foxes, raccoons, and bears. Then I’d photograph it!


Visit Happy Handmade (by Jess) and see what you have to look forward to at the Spring Homespun Chic Marketplace on Sunday, May 6.


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2 responses

  1. i love these creatures 🙂 i think that you should make an elephant next, they are my favourite, or perhaps a panda or koala 🙂
    i love looking at all of the little models 🙂
    thankyou for sharing keep smiling

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